Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions at Followersnet

Last Update: June 30, 2020

    1. Once you’ve placed an order on our web site, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions and ours methods at Followersnet. Besides, you’ll agree to waive your right to reconsider.
    2. Every order can be canceled or adjusted as long as our servers haven’t started the delivery process of our services and/or products; before the campaign has started definitively.
    3. Orders will be processed within 72 hours. When this isn’t the case, you can ask for a restitution, with the exception of cases in which Followersnet does not have the power to act on anything.
    4. The buying of each and every product is at your own risk. Followersnet is not responsible for any kind of reprimands and/or blocks coming from your account. This is based on the fact that we can’t be certain about previous events that have to deal with your account.
    5. When the bought product, for example followers or likes, disappears, Followersnet is not reliable. Possible restitutions can be found in our refund policy. The refill period for most of the products is 30 days, unless it’s indicated otherwise on the product page.
      1. The refill guarantee expires whenever the username of an account is adjusted.
    1. Orders that can’t be delivered because of in incorrect username or because of the fact an account is private rather than public, will be marked delivered.
    2. When an account is incorrect or when an account is private for more than 30 days, or when an account hasn’t posted anything for longer than 45 days, then Followersnet is able to suspend that particular account and delete it from our systems (this affects automatic products).
    3. Products with a postponed delivery, like automatic products, are valid for 4 months. In case any vacant credits are not being within this period of time, then we at Followersnet have the right to suspend the order.
    4. When an account requires specific settings, despite us advising otherwise on the product page, it will be at your own risk (for example settings for a dripfeed). In case divergent settings result into a diminished or possibly greater delivery, Followersnet is not reliable.
    5. When paying for our products or services you need to leave behind an e-mail address. Whenever there is a problem with your order, we will use this e-mail address to contact you. In case we can’t reach you or in case you neglect to respond, and the delivery period has ended, then we aren’t able to grant a restitution of the amount you paid for the product any more.
    6. During the ordering process we may register your IP address and save it as long as the ordering process hasn’t been completely finalized.
    7. Under no circumstances will your personal details be sold or given to third parties. How we handle personal details beyond that, is described entirely in our Privacy Policy.
    8. In cases of misuse or fraud we have no choice but to inform the appropriate authorities.
    9. A complete version of the terms and conditions can be handed out if requested. In that case, contact us using the contact form on our web site.
    10. This Agreement is governed exclusively by Dutch law and Parties must bring disputes before the court in The Hague. If the court declares articles from this Agreement invalid, the other articles will remain fully in force.