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Would you like to receive likes as soon as possible? That’s not a problem at all. Using our advanced system, Instagram likes can be delivered automatically. Every 0 to 10 minutes our servers verify whether new pictures have been posted on your account. Then, our system processes this information and your new post will receive the desired amount of likes automatically, as soon as possible! When you have placed your order after 18-04-2019 and your order has been activated and fully used, then you will automatically receive an e-mail about this.

Would you prefer to spread out your likes over several posts? Not a problem either, we can make this happen. This product comes with a phased dripfeed of a maximum of 90 minutes. This means that every delivery will be divided into smaller deliveries. Because of this you won’t receive, for example, 250 likes at once, but say 5 deliveries of 50 likes each. If you’d prefer to receive your likes at a proportional speed, you should consider looking at one of our very similar products: Automatic Instagram Likes (HQ). This product is bothered slightly less by possible Instagram updates and other obstructing circumstances.

Minimum: 50 likes per delivery spread out over a 90 minutes tops.

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Out of stock



High quality likes

Our team at tries its hardest to keep the quality of our likes as high as possible.

Fast delivery

Because our system checks every account every 0 to 15 minutes, we are able to provide fast delivery.


The more likes you’d want to receive per post, the cheaper it gets on average!

Increase your popularity!
When buying Instagram Likes you can increase your popularity just like that! Get the attention of thousands of Instagram users and increase your popularity!

Make sure to let your pictures go viral!
Don’t hesitate anymore and make sure your pictures will go viral on Instagram! Click on the button above and we will help you out.

Increase your target audience!
Buying followers doesn’t just help to increase your target audience, getting more likes will make your pictures go viral more easily. Then this would mean even more followers!

Automatic Instagram Likes

Are our regular Instagram Likes not fast enough for you? Don’t worry about it anymore. With our advanced system we can automatically provide you with Instagram Likes on new posts. We will try to explain this to you: we’ve got different types of serves. One of our servers checks our customers’ accounts; this is done every 0 to 15 minutes. When a new picture of video has been uploaded, our server will thus notice this within 15 minutes.

Then, the link to this new post will be send to another server of ours. This server takes care of sending the Instagram Likes. The server will automatically process the order as quickly as possible. Because of this our servers are able to deliver the desired likes within a short period of time. In case you’d like to receive more than 20.000 likes per post, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance.

In case you want to receive more likes on existing posts, you can always choose to buy Instagram Likes.


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