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Are you looking for a way to make your Instagram-account grow in terms of, for example, the amount of Instagram followers you’ve got? Then we’ve got the right solution for you! Gaining hundreds or thousands of Instagram followers a day and having your posts go viral; we can make it happen. is of the opinion that prices should be in proportion to quality.

The maximum amount of followers on Instagram that can be ordered at a time is 25.000 per account. Nevertheless, it is possible to place multiple orders for one account. The average start time is 0 to 24 hours. Your account will automatically be monitored – concerning losing and gaining followers – every 24 hours during the first 20 days after the purchase (except for private accounts and name changes).

Would like your product immediately delivered? Do you want better quality or have your account checked each 4 hours? Please click the link: Instagram Followers HQ.

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Better quality

A better and higher quality in Insta followers always is our main goal.

Fast delivery

We will always do our best to deliver all deliveries, small or big, as fast as possible.

Cheap followers

Our team at Followersnet does not just value quality, but also price. In our opinion, the buying Instagram followers should always remain reasonably priced.

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Enlarging your audience on Instagram has never been as easy as it is now. When using our system to automate your Instagram, your Instagram will easily grow and you can gain up to thousands of followers each day.

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There is no faster way to make your Instagram account grow than by buying Instagram followers. Without putting in any effort at all, you can make your Insta grow gaining thousands of followers per day!

About buying Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers is nothing new. It has become more popular than ever all around the world, just as it has in the Netherlands. ‘Why do people buy Instagram followers?’, is a question many people ask. It also is a question we can answer, although the answer is a little complicated. Answering this question isn’t easy, because there are many different types of users active on the social media platform we all call Instagram. There are the more ‘regular’ or ‘normal’ types of users. There are people who use Instagram just for fun. Maybe you yourself belong to this group as well; do you like to just view others’ photos on Instagram? Or more specifically, photos posted by celebrities? Another type of Instagram users is the business-related user (think of businesses, bloggers, models etc.). Instagram is an essential part of a model’s lifestyle, for example. All of the aforementioned types of Instagram users, use the social media platform for different reasons. In the following paragraphs we aim to explain why the amount of Instagram followers could be crucial to any one of these types of Instagram users.

Why would regular Instagram users buy extra followers?

This is a question that can actually be answered quite easily: it looks good. Buying extra Instagram followers doesn’t really serve a clear-cut purpose for regular Instagram users, except for the fact that having a lot of followers looks good or even cool. Think about it; would you rather have 100, 500 or maybe even more followers on Instagram?

Why would businesses, bloggers or models buy extra Instagram followers?

Followers on Instagram and businesses

This is a question that has a more complicated answer. Each single one of these groups can have different motives to buy Instagram followers. Businesses’ main reason for buying extra followers is that the more followers it has, the more interaction it can create. Let’s be honest, is a company’s Instagram that has 1.000 followers really more attractive than one that has 50.000 followers? A company looks more reliable or real when it has more followers on Instagram. Having more Instagram followers makes it more likely that other people will start to follow your account as well, but more importantly it makes people more willing to actually buy your products. Having loads of Instagram followers provides a company with more free advertising possibilities, knowing that every single one of your followers’ messages will appear on your Instagram feed for free.

Insta followers for bloggers and models

Credibility is important for bloggers and models too. However, another crucial incentive for bloggers and models (think of actors as well) is the fact that they need to get jobs or assignments all the time. Bloggers and models are more likely to be hired and to earn more money when they have a bigger network, interacting with others a lot. Interaction can be described as some kind of interplay or reciprocity; receiving comments from Instagram followers is important, but so is commenting on photos yourself. Interaction can consist of Instagram likes and comments. Having more followers on Instagram automatically means more interaction. What’s important here, is that having more followers, and thus more interaction, increases the likelihood of new people following your account as well (contributes to credibility). Nowadays, some modelling agencies even require a model to have at least 10.000 followers on Instagram before it’s possible to be hired (source). This requirement regarding a minimum amount of followers emerged at the request of customers. A model, who has at least 10.000 followers on Instagram, can then be called an ‘influencer’.

“It’s the combination of ‘cool girl’ meets followers and a ‘lust-have’ lifestyle that really draws in clients.”

Advantages of buying Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers has several advantages. The main advantage is the fact that your account will look more reliable or real when you’ve got a lot of followers. Having lots of followers also ensures more interaction. So: having more Instagram followers shows people that your account is reliable, which is why people will be more likely to actually follow your account as well. The result of this is the emergence of even more interaction on your account. Obviously, this is a good thing, even for the regular or ‘normal’ Instagram user. For businesses, models, bloggers and even artists and actors, however, this isn’t just a good thing; this can really be their source of income.

Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers

There is one important disadvantage that should be mentioned: Instagram sometimes ‘cleans’ accounts. In its entire existence, Instagram has done this twice. The first time it happened, it was 2014 (source). The consequence of these cleanings is that more than a million accounts were ‘properly cleaned’. Thousands of users weren’t happy about this and responded negatively to Instagram’s cleaning action, resulting into the popularity of the hashtag ‘#Instapruge’. The second time many users saw their amount of Insta followers decrease was halfway through 2016, meaning this quite recently happened. This was the result of Facebook buying Instagram. We ( and guarantee you will keep your followers in situations like these, so that you don’t have to be scared of losing the followers you bought. If you still seem to have lost followers, the exact amount of lost followers will be added to your account again (free of all cost) as long as the warranty period applies.


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