What is Facebook?

Facebook was established on the 4th of February 2004 in Cambridge. In the beginning, Facebook had a very low amount of people who used it, but nowadays it has grown into a social media platform that is known and used worldwide. Facebook can be seen as one of the most successful Social Media platforms. Until today, Facebook has 1,19 billion of users on a monthly basis. Millions of people check their accounts regularly, even daily and hundreds of thousands of Facebook Pages try to get their attention in the process.

Das ist ein Facebook Logo

How do you increase your target audience?

The most important thing is to post relevant stuff. Try to empathize with the target audience you want to reach. In case you mostly reach youngsters, don’t start talking about general laws that only apply to elderly or special discounts that are only valuable for elderly. Talk about the newest trends and all other kinds of stuff that target audience might relate to. Next to that, you can try to post messages like: Do you agree? Then share this post! Whenever a person actually does share your post, then his or her friends on Facebook will see this too. This doesn’t just increase your target audience, it also increases the chance of getting more and new Facebook Page Likes.

Why should I buy Facebook likes?

Many people can see the advantages of a Facebook page that has a lot of likes on all of its posts. We have helped DJ’s, actors as well as businesses in the past to increase their amount of Facebook likes. A lot of people want to buy Facebook likes for one simple reason: whenever your page has a lot of Facebook likes, it automatically looks more legitimate, more real. This will result into more sales for businesses. People tend to like pages that have a lot of likes already, and because of that the amount of Facebook Page Likes will even increase further.

What is the result of Facebook likes?

Many celebrities and non-celebrities have seen their Facebook page grow because of buying Facebook likes at Followersnet.com. To make it more realistic, customers tend to buy other services as well, such as Facebook Post Likes and Facebook Video Views. Whenever an account or a page looks more realistic and legitimate, then it is very likely you’ll see an increase in activity on your page(s) (for businesses this often means more sales). Facebook Page Likes do really influence your legitimacy and the target audience you are able to reach with your Facebook page.

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