Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the shop, find the product you’re looking for and then click on “add to basket”. Thereafter, you just have to click on the shopping bag and then all that’s left for you to do is pay.

Most often the delivery time is shown on the particular product page as extra information. We always try our best to deliver each and every order within 24 hours. Bigger orders obviously take more time to deliver. This doesn’t have to do with are server capacities, but it’s purely to ensure a safe delivery.

At least 90% of the accounts will look like regular accounts. They have a profile picture, a biography and several uploaded pictures and videos. The difference is that some accounts will not be as active.

Of course there are several exceptions. We also offer real and active Instagram Followers: these followers will be delivered in a special way. Think of apps for example, but also shoutouts and stuff like that. We can’t guarantee any kind of percentages, but we can say that these accounts have not been created by us ourselves.

Hell no! At Followersnet we value personal information and privacy. Actually, we want to receive as little private details as possible from our customers, just so that we can guarantee your privacy. To place an order we only ask you for two things: the link (username for example) and we ask you to make sure your account is public rather than private.

Whenever your account is a private account, only followers can comment on your posts and like them. You can’t easily get new followers when you’ve got a private account. This makes it impossible to deliver our products to private accounts.

Our payments are distributed via Mollie. We accept the following payment methods: iDeal, Belfius Direct Net, SEPA-incasso, SOFORT banking, KBC/CBC Betaalknop, transfers and Bitcoin.

Potential decreases vary per product. Some of our products come with fluctuations in the first few days after having ordered it. If that’s the case, we will add your order to our refill system automatically. This system checks your account daily between 05.00 and 07.00 in the morning. When the amount of likes or followers or whichever has decreased until a point below that amount you started with plus the ordered amount, then we will automatically make up for that. The usual warranty period is 30 days. It is always mentioned on the product page if this period is any longer or shorter than that.

Don’t hesitate to e-mail us if you want your order to be checked. Always remember to mention your order number in the e-mail.

As long as your order hasn’t been processed yet, you can adjust or cancel your order. In case you want to adjust or cancel all of your orders, then contact us as soon as possible. It’s possible to do this via e-mail or by calling our helpdesk.

URL to the Instagram account:
– Open your web browser;
– Go to username);
– If you head to this website, can you then see your own account?
– If so, then you’ve found the right URL. Copy and paste this link in the indicated box.

URL to an Instagram post:
– Open your web browser
– Go to username);
– Click on the post
– Copy the URL (at the top)

The URL always starts with:‘only numbers/letters’);

An example of finding an URL to an Instagram post:
– Open your web browser
– Go to (at least for this example);
– Click on the most recent picture;
– The URL will now look as follows:

This is the right URL. (please note that the URL always starts with’different numbers and letters’)

That’s not a problem! We offer tons of services but some haven’t launched on this particular site yet such as Spotify, LinkedIn, Periscope, and Fyuse. You can always try to request a custom order. We will then get in touch as soon as possible to you know whether your wish can be fulfilled.

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