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Do you want to get more likes on your videos? That’s possible! By using our product you can give your video a massive boost! Despite the fact that we deliver our likes immediately, it might take YouTube up to 24 hours to verify and process the result. An average, our server delivers up to 1000 likes per video, per day.

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Build or fall apart!

Make your video rise in the ratings, or let your competition’s ratings plummet.

Fast delivery

We try our best to deliver all of the orders as soon as possible. Our servers are capable of delivering 10.000 likes or dislikes per day.


We try our best to keep our prices as low as possible at all times.

Skyrocket your YouTube channel!
By buying our likes, your video can get a massive boost. This will positively impact your YouTube channel.

Make your dreams come true!
Combined with YouTube Views, these YouTube Likes work very well. Make all of your videos go viral, make your dreams come true!

We deliver as soon as possible!
Besides the fact that we want to deliver every order as soon as possible, we also greatly value the quality of our services.

Some good advice

There are two ways to win. The first is to give your videos a boost by buying YouTube Likes or YouTube Views. The other one is to bring your competition down by buying YouTube dislikes. We offer both options and you can choose how you want to get to the top. Whether you prefer to receive likes or send dislikes to your competition, it doesn’t matter to us. Both of the services are of high quality.

The buying of YouTube Likes isn’t the only thing that is needed to make your video go viral. A combination of YouTube Comments, YouTube Likes, YouTube Reshares and, obviously, YouTube Views is important.


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