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Popularity is very important on Instagram these days. The more followers, likes and Instagram views you have, the more attractive your profile is to follow! Of course, it’s also great fun to be liked and followed by others.

Videos posted on Instagram are up to 60 seconds long. When you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your videos, it’s not motivating when they’re barely watched at all. Instagram video views are obtained when a person watches your posted video for more than 3 seconds. Instagram views are very important! People on Instagram determine the quality of the video based on the number of Instagram views. If your video has a lot of views, then this video must be fun or interesting! This way, Instagram also shows your video faster on the ‘discover’ page!

Do you want your videos to have even more Instagram views? With this product you will be able to give your Instagram video views a huge boost. Let them go viral and boost both your individual videos and your entire account! The more popular your account, the more advertising revenue you can generate. You can order up to 100,000 Instagram video views at a time! Don’t hesitate and get popular!

The server always delivers an extra number of views.

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