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Do you want to get many, many views on your Facebook videos? Our servers can deliver around 100.000 views per day! In case you need more than that, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: Due to a Facebook update, prices have temporarily increased.

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Increase your popularity!

Our team at can easily provide your videos with a boost!

Fast delivery

On average, our servers can deliver 100.000 views per day per video!


Our team at tries its best to keep prices as low as possible

Skyrocket your views!
By using our services, ‘the sky is the limit’ won’t mean a thing anymore. We would love to help you to become even more popular on Facebook.

Make sure to let your posts go viral!
Don’t hesitate anymore and make your posts go viral on Facebook! Click on the button above and we’ll help you out.

Attract more likes and followers!
When you’ve got more views on your Facebook videos, it seems to be a more legitimate account. This will result into people being more likely to like your videos on your page.

Some good advice

Getting thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands views on your Facebook videos, it is probably the dream of every Facebook user. For a while now, people can check the amount of views on Facebook. The same counts for the amount of likes, comments and shares on Facebook. By using this product, you’ll be able to provide your video with a massive viewer-boost. You can gain thousands of views each day.

Getting more views shows that a video is interesting and is well received by the public. However, likes, comments and shares shouldn’t be forgotten. Having a lot of views, but not so many likes, shares and comments certainly doesn’t look very well. Because of this, we would like to refer you to another one of our products, called Facebook Likes. This is the most important (and cheapest) factor out of those three. Make sure to let your video go viral by buying more likes and views combined!


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