What is YouTube?

YouTube was established on the 14th of February 2005 in the United States. YouTube is a web site on which users can share and watch videos. At the moment, YouTube is the most popular video platform and broadly exceeds all the competition. Many users create videos as a hobby, but obviously there are also people who do this for a living: professional YouTube users who make thousands a day. There are many businesses that use YouTube as well.

YouTube's logo

How can you increase the target audience you reach?

Increasing the target audience you reach on YouTube sounds very simple: make sure to be on the top of the list in the searching engine. However, this is a lot more complex than you’d think. The system that’s behind this ranking is very advanced. Back in the days, buying YouTube Views was enough. Nowadays, you often need YouTube Views, as well as YouTube Likes, YouTube Comments and YouTube Reshares.

Why should you buy YouTube products?

Uploading your video on YouTube is all fun and games, but when your video gets hundreds or thousands of views as well, it’s much more fun. By buying our YouTube products, you’ll be able to boost your channel and videos. It’s also financially interesting: whenever you’ve got a partnership with YouTube, this means that more activity will result into earning more money.

What is the result?

We can summarize the result quite easily: more activity at every video and more activity on your profile. Besides the fact that you’ll become more popular than ever before, it is definitely worth your while when you consider it financially as well. You can easily increase your earnings on YouTube by buying our products.

Our products

YouTube Likes

Does your video lack a reasonable amount of likes? Or would you prefer to get even more likes on your video? By buying this product your video can increase by 10.000 of likes per day. Get to the top on YouTube in no time.

YouTube Reshares

Do you want to receive more Reshares so that your videos can go viral? Then our team at is able to help you out. Our servers can deliver at a speed of 10.000 reshares per day, per video.

YouTube Subscribers

Have you seen channels that have hundreds or thousands of subscribers and do you think you can’t stand out in the crowd because of this? This will no longer be a problem, because by buying our product your channel will grow by hundreds of subscribers per day.

YouTube Dislikes

This is a product for everyone who’d like to see their page grow. This product is more luxurious than our Facebook Likes (Middle-East), because it only consists of English likes. Whether you’d be willing to pay a higher price for this, is completely up to you.

YouTube Views

These aren’t just views, but High Retention views. Regular views, that have been delivered by many companies for many years now, are not safe enough in our opinion. Because of this, we’ve decided to create a special system which only delivers High Retention views. In case you’d want to know what the exact difference between the both is, check out our product page to find out more information about it all.